Into the Woods


Image was inspired by romanticism painters and contemporary realistic fantasy literature. It is based on this story (sorry for my bad english):
…He woke up in late afternoon. He knew, that he doesn`t need to hurry. He got up slowly, removed dust from his belongings and packed all the stuff he needed. He went down to the hall and ate food that innkeeper brought him. She didn`t look into his eyes. He came out from inn, stretched his body stiffed after long sleep on hard bed and walked towards west gate. He led up to the hills, to the deep forest, where every plant fought for its handful of earth and light. He came back to place he left last day. To the path near border of impenetrable undergrowth. To the place he finally saw her, hit her. Although the hunt wasn`t perfect, he was not sad. He was sure, that it will leads to her soon. He was in no hurry. He knew, that blood of faerie will not light up until one whole day.

Software used: 3ds Max, Photoshop, Z-Brush

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